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  1. My heart is heavy as I read the news this AM that Janet had passed away just short of the big celebration of her life of nearly 85 years. I have never met Janet nor Angela, but a close friend of Angela’s put me in touch with Janet & I would try to send little inspirations to both Janet & Angela. Most times I think I got more inspiration just reading the notes that Angela would post about the “boundless push” that desire to get Grandma Janet back to where she had been…..INDEPENDENT! Janet had such a drive & Angela was her legs & mouth to get things done! Please know you (Angela) are in my thoughts & prayers. I will be sending in the mail something very special just for you to remember your mother. HUGS!!!

    • Heart Spoken Words, Angela Barnes

      Annette you have been a cheer leader and champion since the first you showed up on FB. Thank you. We will share mother’s life via the CELEBRATE program next month. Thanks, Angela

  2. My family and I are saddened by the news of your mother’s death. Janet was a hero to many staff and families at Shepard Elementary. Her boundless energy, zest for life and steadfast love of the children are what we’ll cherish most. We were graced by her presence in our school and community of Columbia. Angela, you are a remarkable daughter, and Janet’s presence will endure in each and every one us who she touched. God bless your family.

    • Heart Spoken Words, Angela Barnes

      Thank you. Mother fought for life till the very end. I will be sharing the CELEBRATE plans soon. Please do what you can to help collect memory sharing, photographs or anything else to include in her Life and Legacy Event Oct 19 at Stephen’s Lake Park. Angela

  3. Angela,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family, she was a remarkable woman, she had incredible strength. The Lord has made her whole and new and she is now with your father sharing a glorious reunion! You were such a wonderful advocate for her and I admire you for that.

    Love you

  4. Angela, the staff of Willowcreek and I are sad to hear of Janet’s passing. We are thankful that we had the chance to meet and care for her! Her life story is truly amazing and she was an inspiration to so many! God bless you and your family in this time of sadness. I know Janet is in heaven with the angels.
    Take care, Jennifer

  5. Angela,
    Thank you so much for what you did to keep us connected with Janet through this long struggle. Knowing Janet, I’m thinking this was her decision, to move on. You have done so much, i can’t imagine how hard this was. i was stunned and crushed upon reading the news. i want you to know i think of Janet all the time and always will. She is a huge influence in my life. I will miss my phone calls with her and mourn the loss of such a great force on this earth. I guess she lives on through those of us she’s graced with her presence. I hope to see you in October.
    One of Janets friends, Alan.

  6. Angela,

    I am just finding out about the passing of your mother today (Oct 5) and I want to extend my sincere condolences to you and your family. I know you have dedicated your life to bring awareness of your mother’s incredible journey and I am sure that you will continue to work hard in that way. With that being said, I also know the pain of losing a loved one, there will be an empty place in your heart which will be hard to fill. Please know that I am thinking of you and lifting up a prayer for you during this time and even after time has gone by. You are a very special person on this earth, and you are to be commended for all that you do for all. Your Friend, Cathy.


    I never met Janet Barnes, but I know her daughter, Angela. The more I knew Angela, the more I came to admire her. She led a very full life, with many obstacles-always finding a way to make things work out. I often asked her how she managed to do that, and what inspired her. And then, she would tell me about her parents.

    They chose to live a full life, with the odds stacked against them. They didn’t complain about what life did to them, but thought about what they COULD do. Obstacles became opportunities. Their philosophy was, “Nothing is impossible–the impossible just takes longer.”

    When I met Angela, her mother waw in her late sixties, and was working as a teacher’s assistant at a grade school in Columbia, MO. She was very active–imagine my saying that about a quadraplegic! She continuedd to lead a full life! When she could no longer get out of the house, she wrote a book–the story of her life–by speaking into a recorder. She was still living life fully!

    Now that she has passed on, I celebrate her life, and I treasure her legacy. She is quite an inspiration!!

    Kay Schmitt

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